Pictures of the 2006 1-2 July. - BIG regional cyclin rendezvous (Matra, Bukk)

Pictures of the 1-2. July. 2006 BIG regional cyclin rendezvous (Matra, Bukk)
Organizing thanks to Gabor Kreicsi

1st day:
No. : 415 Gábor Kreicsi
No. : 470 Gábor Vincze
No. : 426 György Domonkos
No. : 471 István Ispán

Route : Szilvásvárad - Bélapátfalva - Mónosbél - Szarvaskő - Eger - Várhegy (BIG 853) - Oldalvölgy - Pazsag - Bánkút (BIG 854) - Szilvásvárad
Distance : 95 km
Ascent : 1380 m
Experience : We started at 8 o' clock from Szilvasvárad. This is a famous place in Bükk mountain. The weather was not too cold it was 20oC with overcast. We passed near a castle of Szarvaskő after arrived in Eger. This is a historical town in Northern Hungary. After a town we started the climb. We could see much more grape in left side. From the top of the asphalt road (400 meters benchmark) we turned to grave. Every members had got a mountain bikes. Before this trip I said : the road bike wrong choose for this road. The grave pavement finished in Várkút house. From this point started the tourist path to the summit, Várhegy (BIG 853). We had a panoramic view. The eyeshot was over a 25 kilometers. We went another surfaces road throw the forest and arrived on asphalt road near Oldalvölgy house. This is a woodman house. From this point we went 20 kilometers on a narrow asphalt road near Pazsag woodman house. We got a public road beetween Eger and Miskolc. From the top of the asphalt road ( 720 meters benchmark) we turned to left on a narrow asphalt. We climbed to " Nagymező ". This is a beatiful plateau. After a few kilometers we arrived Bánkút (BIG 854). We returned in Nagymező and downhill throw the " Italy-gate " to another narrow asphalt road. This gate buildet Italy prisons in 1918. Before Szilvásvárad we swarmed a belvedere. This belvedere is 36 meters high and made in a wood. At 14 o' clock we arrived in Szilvásvárad.

















2nd day:
No. : 415 Gábor Kreicsi
No. : 470 Gábor Vincze

Route : Salgótarján by train (30 km) Tar - Hasznos - Mátrakeresztes - Galyatető - Mátraháza - Kékestető - Mátraháza - Mátraalmás - Szuha - Dorogháza - Kisterenye - Salgótarján
Distance : 100 km
Ascent : 1530 m
Experience : We started at 7 o' clock from Salgótarján. We heard that the Rallye race is on my elect road. We traveled by train to Tar. We started the climbed from this village. The weather was a little bit better than yesterday. The forests were very quiet and we feld a natures. The road had got a three hairpins. Long-long climbed with a 50 meters descent we arrived Galyatető (BIG 851). The wind was very cold, we weared every clothes. The Hotel Galyatető made a four stars. It's a very nice and comfortable hotel. We descent a 400 meters and arrived a Mátra-nyereg. We could see many-many cars and heard the race voices. Climbed to Mátraháza (700 meters high) and turn to the Kékestető. It was a very gradient road. The hairpins numbers were 7. The last 30 meters were grave but not too wrong. This point is a highest point in Hungary: Kékestető (BIG 852). The topstone with a three nations colourses (red, white, green) is a symbol for Hungarian people. We down the hill and climb to 720 meters. This road is a near asphalt road but not too good. We arrived Mátraalmás and down away. The downhill at the and in Dorogháza. But we had a backwind. The last 20 kilometers was a suhsine and we fel good.