Gábor Györgyi's cycling page/ Biketour-tips: Pilis, Mátra (Hungary)

Gábor Györgyi's cycling page/ Biketour-tips: Pilis, Mátra (Hungary)





Hungary by Bike

General informations / instructions:
In the last few years the popularity of cycling has increased in Hungary, so more and more people are choosing biking to spend their spare time. With the growing popularity of cycling the local governments can only limitedly satisfy the claims of bike road-building. Although the length of cycle-roads increase a little from year to year. These roads are sometimes real roads, not the edge of tracks or parts of pavements, but in other cases they are separated with a line from the tracks or pavements.
By bike on trains: Cyclists can keep their bikes ( max 2 to each platform) on the 1st and last platform (the place on the wagon, where we step on) during the trip. They have to buy a ticket for the bicycle. On some lines the trains have a cycle-wagon, where there is a place for about 20-40 bicycles. It can be seen on the timeteble / schedule. (It has a logo on the wagon and also on the schedule)

In Budapest the traffic-culture / morality is very bad, so it’s worth not cycling between the cars, but on the cycle-roads. It’s dangerous between or beside the cars. In the capital bikes can only be taken on the green-white coloured local trains and on the rack railway, on the doors where you can see the bicycle logo. This is painted on the platform/ pavement too. In Budapest the best places for cycling is along the Danube (on the Buda side), the Margaret-island (Margit-sziget), the Szilágyi Erzsébet avenue and some parks, like Népliget, and Városmajor. From the Citadella you can get a great view to the capital (photo).At the west end of Budapest (towards Budakeszi), from Szépjuhászné to János-mountain on weekends cyclists can go pedalling without any fear from the cars, because on weekends this road is closed from traffic.
The entire route 70 and the route 11 (on workdays it is busy between Tát and Komárom, on weekends it’s busy between Szentendre and Visegrád) is sometimes / often busy. In spring and summer on some weekends it’s better to bypass this part of the route 11. (Between the north side of Buda and Leányfalu – through Szentendre - it can be cycled on good bikeroads. Around the Balaton a cycle-road has been built, but in some places it is only separated with a line from the main road or the pavement. The plane Alföld, on the dam of the river Tisza is good for cyclists. In some places it is asphalted, but mainly not – as I know. Along the Danube a cycle-road is being built.
In some mountain-areas there can be found asphalted roads which aren’t shown on maps or are shown by white, because they are roads of the forestry commission, but they can be used by cyclists too. On these roads you can enjoy the quiet / peace of nature. From these roads I have seen deer, wild boar (in the autumn, when there are not too many people in the forest), and eagles and squirrels. I love these roads. You can find these in the Pilis, Mátra, Bükk, Bakony, Vértes…etc. In the next paragraphs I will show you the nice roads of Pilis, Mátra:

1, Pilis and the Danube – Ipoly National Park and the Danube bend
Pilis is ideally situated for either cyclists to see Budapest or the bikers who are curious about Esztergom (church!!) and the Danube bend. We can find here roads with good quality, but the asphalted forest roads (without any traffic) are also good. The ascents – there are only a few exceptions – are generally 4-8% steep.